Dr Rajiv Ananthakrishna - Member of Heart & Vascular Institute's Team of Expert Cardiologists

Dr Rajiv Ananthakrishna



Dr Rajiv Ananthakrishna is a comprehensively trained Cardiologist with extensive (~10 years) Clinical and Research experience in Non-Invasive and Interventional Cardiology.

  • His clinical practices at Heart and Vascular are located at:
  • SA Medical Specialists, Brighton and
  • Mt Gambier Medical Consulting Suites, Mount Gambier

Dr Ananthakrishna’s areas of interest include Acute Coronary Syndrome, Heart failure and Cardiac Imaging – in particular Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance.
Before moving to Australia, he worked as a Consultant Cardiologist for 8 years and has a sound background in the management of various cardiovascular diseases.
He completed basic medical and surgical (MBBS) training, physician training (MD) and formal Cardiology training (DM) in India. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) His qualifications, training and experience have been assessed by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and he was awarded FRACP (Cardiology) in December 2020.

In addition to his formal Cardiology training, Dr Ananthakrishna has completed a Research-cum-Clinical Fellowship from the National University Hospital (NUH), National University of Singapore (2016-2017). He also obtained his Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Fellowship (2019-2020, SCMR Level III competence) from the Department of Cardiology, FMC, Adelaide. He has completed SCCT Level 1 Cardiovascular Computed Tomography Course.

Dr Ananthakrishna is dedicated to improving the health outcomes of patients affected by cardiovascular disease. Given his vast clinical experience, he is able to provide high-quality holistic patient care. He is easily accessible and will ensure a short wait time for patients requiring cardiac evaluation. He is happy to be contacted any time regarding patient concerns. Dr Rajiv looks to working with doctors and practitioners helping patients to achieve a healthy heart.


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